Plasma TVs are must haves nowadays.  If you want to have the best plasma TV for your home entertainment room, you should get the LG42pt353K.  This high definition plasma TV has a 42 inch high definition screen.  This plasma TV has the design unique to LG plasma TVs.  It has a slim frame which gives the frame a wider and more stylish appeal.  The built is very slim even with its very wide screen.

Aside from the design, the features of the LG 42pt353k are also very impressive.  One of the features of this plasma TV is the 600 Hz sub field max driving. This feature is designed to eliminate the blurring and jarring of pictures that is common when you are watching fast paced programs on regular TV.  When you watch your favorite action movies and sports on this TV, you will never miss anything and you will see everything in full detail.  This makes playing high definition games perfect on this TV as well.

Another feature that you can find on this TV is the HDMI connection feature.  This feature is best if you often import files from other devices.  The function of the HMDI cable is to preserve the quality of imported files.  That is why you will always see the pictures in high definition. This plasma TV also has a USB port for you to be able to share your files from your multimedia devices in the most convenient manner.

Another smart feature of the LG42pt353 is the Energy Saving Smart.  This feature makes your plasma TV consumes only a little amount of electricity.  This means that you are contributing to the preservation of the planet just by watching jaw dropping high definition images on your plasma TV.

You will also enjoy the sound that comes out from the LG 42pt353.  This TV also has Dolby Digital speaker system.  It has 2 HP one way speakers and is infinite surround.  It also has a clear voice function as well so you will definitely feel that you are in the midst of all the action. The XD engine feature of this TV allows you to see more realistic colors.  Most of the times you will see that the colors displayed on the screen of these TVs are even more vibrant than real life.

These are the things that you need to know if you want to buy the LG42pt353 for your home.  There are still a lot of features that were not mentioned.  You can be sure that these features will make your TV watching more entertaining and convenient.



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